Czasy w języku angielskim: test 4

Tenses: Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Perfect.

Put the words in brackets in the correct tense: Past Simple, Present Simple or Present Perfect.
1. We tennis together since last May. (not play)
2. Clara in Germany. (be born)
3. He in Chicago for the last few months. (be)
4. I to study in the morning. (not like)
5. the UK? (you / ever visit)
6. We this chapter. (just / finish)
7. You him last night? No, I him for three weeks. (meet / not see)
8. My wife home yet. She never home before three o’clock. (not come / come)
9. My father often out of town on business trips. (go)
10. I to him about them yesterday. (speak)
11. In the afternoon I always until four o'clock. (work)
12. Here we at the station. Now we must get the porter. (be)
13. She chemistry for three years. (study)
14. My brother home many images from China last year. (bring)
15. There something wrong with this car. Where the nearest garage? (be)
16. I English for the last two years, and now I French. (learn / study)
17. We to go to the mountains last month but our little son ill. (want / fall)
18. I never sugar with my coffee. (take)
19. He abroad last week. (go)
20. This girl the sea. (never see)
21. I them since they settled here. (visit)
22. Actions louder than words. (speak)
23. He the country last summer. (cross)
24. When the accident occurred he for the doctor. (run)
25. My husband many cups of coffee every day. (drink)
26. When I last him, he in Stockholm. (see / live)
27. He in Stockholm since last year. (live)
28. He write a difficult exercise yesterday. (must)
29. She two letters this morning. (already write)
30. She many books from the library since I last saw her. (borrow)

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